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Almost 6 of 10 Americans do not have a basic Last Will and Testament, setting forth their wishes to their loved ones in the event that they pass away. The importance of a basic Will as well as comprehensive Estate Planning cannot be stressed enough.

In the absence of a simple Will, state law, and not you will determine who are entitled to inherit your individually owned assets. Moreover, if you have minor children, in the absence of a Will, you will never have the opportunity to appoint Guardians for your minor children in the event of your death.

At Nalli-Elias Law, we will meet with you in our office or in the privacy of your own home to discuss with you the various types of Estate Planning devices as well as your Estate Planning objectives. We will discuss with you the difference between a Will, Living Trust, General Power of Attorney, and Health Care Power of Attorney/Living Will.

In addition, we will explain important concepts and questions that you may have regarding the Estate Planning process such as what “probate” means and what all it involves?;  how a Trust differs from a Will?;  What a Power of Attorney can and cannot do for you? and what death taxes your estate may be subject to on your death?

Of course, the most important aspect of our assistance will be to ensure that any Estate Planning documents that we prepare for you are completely understood by you and meet with your goals and objectives.


The Process:

  1. Meet with the client and review the confidential client questionnaire to determine how the client would like to structure their Last Will and Testament, as well as make recommendations for what a client should have in his or her Last Will and Testament..

  2. Prepare initial Will draft for the client’s review.

  3. Follow up with client to discuss client’s review of the Will draft and make any revisions as needed until client is prepared to execute Last Will and Testament.

  4. Oversee the proper execution of client’s Last Will and Testament.

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